New Retro-Blue CD

The new Retro-Blue CD, titled “Moments”  features the wonderful vocals of Kelly Delaveris and Kay Harris on blues, jazz and adult contemporary songs that place them “right in her wheelhouse” as musical artists. Every song on the album - even the three instrumentals - has a story to tell. Each captures a particular moment or series of moments in the life of someone you know, know of, or at least someone you will get to know by the end of the CD through the magic of music.

The instrumentation on the album varies; from a jazz quartet, to a seven piece rock ⁄ fusion ensemble, to a big band, to a full orchestra.

Featured artists on the CD are:

Andy Woodson - bass

Charly Cesner - vocals

Chris Young - piano and keyboards

Dean Inboden - guitar

Don Nichols - vibes and percussion

Giles Ponticello - guitar and vocals

Jim Curlis - drums and percussion

Jim Rupp - drums

Kay Harris - vocals

Kelly Delaveris - vocals

Matt Venus - guitar

Michael Cox - sax, flute, and clarinet

Tom Battenberg - trumpet

Vaughn Wiester - trombone


"Moments" by Retro-Blue was produced by Don Nichols and Project One Productions; recorded at Lake Hill Sound and Amerisound recording studios; engineered by Jim Curlis, Dan Green and Don Nichols; and mastered by Dan Green at Amerisound. Jim Curlis composed the music for "Dance in the Rain" with lyrics by Don Nichols; music and lyrics for all other titles on the CD are by Don Nichols.

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