Recording Services

Studio Recording


A top broadcast quality recording is essential for a successful CD, Film, TV, or Radio project. There are already enough variables in the creative part of the process; you cannot afford to risk the success of your project on low production values. Whether you’re recording a demo for your band, a new CD, a sales presentation, a training or teaching tool, or a TV or radio commercial, Project One will give you a broadcast quality recording useable for any medium. We'll help you build your project from the ground up or we can help you improve what you have, and in most cases provide what you don’t have. We will record your project using top quality equipment in the most current software platforms. We can also provide:

  • Midi tracks and programming with our extensive collections of synths, loops, samples, and sound effects

  • Additional tracks and overdubs to an already existing recording

  • Digital editing including adjusting vocal intonations and instrumental and vocal timing

If you need a broadcast quality recording, call Project One.