Here are a few commonly asked questions about Project One Productions.  We hope they will give you an immediate answer to some of your questions.  However, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your project.


Questions & Answers

Question: Who owns the intellectual property rights to the songs on your web site?

Answer: Project One Productions owns the intellectual property rights to all of the songs in our library.

Question: Do you have instrumental stems and beds available for the vocal songs?

Answer: Stems and beds are available for all Retro-Blue songs.

Question: Can you write music for my lyrics or lyrics for my music?

Answer: Project One Productions has writers on staff that may be able to help you with music or lyrics.  Contact us for details.

Question: What do I need to give you for you to create an arrangement and score for my music?

Answer: A lead sheet - with lyrics, melody line, and chord changes - is preferred, but we can work with something as basic as a tape of you or someone else singing and playing a guitar or piano plus a sheet of chords and lyrics.

Question: How do you design the CD graphics?

Answer: First, we talk to you.  And then we do some research and listen to your project to determine your target market and what others are using as graphics for similar projects.  We have over 30 years experience in graphic design and marketing.  He can help you develop a creative strategy to build the right image and brand to bring your project to life.

Question: Who owns the recording and the licensing rights?

Answer: Once you have paid for everything agreed upon to complete the project, you own the recording masters.  Project One Productions cannot duplicate your recording or use it in any manner without your permission.  If you are the sole composer of the material and have not given intellectual property rights (IPR) to anyone else, you own the licensing rights.

Question: Can you help me find a band?

Answer: No, however we can help you find players for your recording project. Project One Productions has ties to many talented professional vocalists and musicians who have recording experience in many styles of music.  You can hear some of these musicians and vocalists on the audio samples of the Retro-Blue CD's.

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