"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful." Plato

Project One was created by Don Nichols to be the music production company for Yes Marketing, Inc. and Don's own musical projects.  In other words Project One was created to make music.

What we do:

  • Compose songs and music for film, TV, advertising, and retail sales..

  • Create arrangements and orchestrations for music CDs and various other commercial projects.

  • Record audio projects

  • Mix and master recorded projects.

Recording Studio

Project One - A balance between business and art

"Today, success in business requires creativity and art; and to be a successful artist these days, you must pay attention to business.  I started Project One to film TV commercials, create sales training videos, and produce media for my Yes Marketing clients.  Along the way I decided to use Project One to record another Jazz CD - something I'd wanted to do for quite some time.  These seemed to me at first to be polar projects:  one was business, the other art; one put food on the table, the other gave me great satisfaction, but wasn't going to pay the rent any time soon.  I came to the realization that the two are intrinsically bound together - you can't be successful in one without the other.  Project One's mission is to find the balance between business and art that is necessary to be successful in both."

Don Nichols


Project One's purpose is to serve as a bridge from the artistic / creative process to the business and marketing of ideas, services, and products.  We provide resources, experience and knowledge to bring art to business and business to art to produce outstanding results at an affordable price.